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We can register, change ownership, and provide replacement stickers, plates and titles in-house!

Car, on/off road motorcycles, trailers and many other vehicles can be handled at SmogDog. We can report a deposit of fees and handle change to planned operation for your vehicle.


Smog Dog Palm Desert handles issuing standard Califronia license plates to new vehicles and plate replacement.

As a partner of the California DMV, we issue new plates to cars that are bought or brought in from out of state.

We are able to help you get your already-owned specialized plates to a different vehicle. New specilaized plates are required to be issues directly from the DMV.

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At Smog Dog Palm Desert, we issue new stickers and replacement stickers for lost or damaged stickers.

Call us with any questions you have for your specific sticker replacement situation.

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Very fast and reliable place to get the smog check done. They do it all in house so you don't have to drive back to the DMV. Make your appointment online to... Read More

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Fast and fair price! Can't beat it. With an appointment I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Read More

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